Pallet Rack Safety Bars

Pallet Rack safety bars and rack safety clips are essential component for safe pallet racking systems. Utilized to prevent misplaced pallets from accidentally falling through the beams, safety bars give an added level of safety and protection for pallet racking.

Safety Bars are also sometimes referred to as Cross Bars, Skid Supports and Pallet Bar Supports. Safety bars are available to suit Built-In Step Beams and Box Beams. Safety bars come in 3 configurations:

  • Cup style – connect with box beam and are available with 1.5’’ and 2.0’’ wide cups
  • Clip-on style – available in heights of 1 5/8’’, and fit into Dynamic step beams only. No hardware is required, and a lock prevents the safety bars from popping out
  • Universal – pre-galvanized safety bars are the most versatile; they can fit on both box beams and step beams and are connected with tek screws using the hole provided on the cups