Pick Modules

Canadian online sales are continuing to increase, as a result retailers and logistics companies are having to come up with smarter ways of increasing their operational efficiency to cut costs and increase throughput.  This is where out Multi-Level Pick Towers come in.

A Pick Tower is a tiered storage structure that is designed to meet two key goals – increasing picking efficiency and maximizing storage capacity. They are also often a much more cost effective storage option, especially when compared to extending warehouse space or moving to new premises.

Pick Towers are high density storage and picking solutions that give you the flexibility to meet the current and future demands of e-tail sector. They achieve an impressive level of increased storage capacity by using the available height of the e-fulfilment centre or warehouse. This can range from a simple ground plus one level solution to up to four additional levels that utilizes all of the cube within your facility.

This can potentially increase storage capacity by up to 300% in the same footprint or could reduce a new build by up to 75% in size – making it an extremely cost effective solution.

We have the experience to design, permit and install these systems with many successful implementations over the last few years.   It is key to pick the right partner to guide you through the code compliance portion of this type of project – Dynamic is your best choice.