Maximize Warehouse Space

Expansion is not always an option. Warehouses can run out of space for an array of reasons, from rapid growth and seasonal peaks to bulk discount buying and facility consolidation. Whether you have too much inventory or you are inefficiently maximizing the space within your warehouse, we can help you optimize space by assisting you in:


Reconfiguring Racks

Rack reconfiguration is a worthwhile consideration if you’re looking to optimize space. This may be a suitable option for you if expansion is not an option. Space revamp must take into consideration fire safety, egress and forklift’s operating height, etc.


High Density Storage

There are many types of high density storage systems.  All of which are applied based on SKU analysis, product / pallet type and budget. We can determine the correct fit for your application.  


Optimizing Cube

You can maximize the warehouse space by going vertical. Additional levels of pallet storage can be added to maximize space; however, you must consider the engineering limitations to ensure that the additional height is within local code regulations. We can assist in determining what steps need to be taken with Sprinkler and floor design to maximize your cube while increasing optimal labour efficiency.


Commercial Evaluation

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